NARSTO Reports

NARSTO Termination Resolution
A copy of the resolution of the NARSTO Executive Steering Committee terminating NARSTO is available here.
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NARSTO Review Panel Report: Rethinking NARSTO
The NARSTO Executive Assembly, which is the governing body of NARSTO, directed the NARSTO Executive Steering Committee and the NARSTO Management Coordinator to organize a Review Panel to undertake the review of NARSTO. The six member Review Panel, representing the various constituencies within the NARSTO organization, was charged to prepare a report that would do the following:

1. Assess the quality and value to its constituencies of past and current NARSTO activities;
2. Assess NARSTO’s distinctive capabilities and their value to NARSTO’s constituencies;
3. Assess the future need for and value of NARSTO and the kinds of perspective, products, and services it can provide; and
4. Provide a recommendation to the NARSTO Executive Assembly as to (a) whether or not NARSTO should continue to operate and (b) if so, what changes or improvements are needed to increase its value.

The panel's report is available here along with supporting appendices.
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Northeast Emissions Workshop
In November 2008, NARSTO, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management sponsored a workshop to identify ways to improve current estimates of air pollutant emissions and to address six issues important to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the US. The final report of this workshop, Improving Estimates of Air Pollutant Emissions in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, is provided here.
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RRWG Reports
The Reactivity Research Working Group (RRWG) is a consortium of air-quality scientists and policy analysts who have been evaluating management of organic pollutant emissions on the basis of their ozone-producing potential. The report provides a critical overview and evaluation of the findings and recommendations of the RRWG regarding reactivity-based air-quality management. The appendices contain extensive background material that covers the history of the RRWG and include comprehensive technical whitepapers by leading authorities. The EPA's interim guidance on using reactivity in air-quality management is also provided.

In addition to this report, additional material from the RRWG can be found in the VOC Reactivity section of this website under "NARSTO ACTIVITIES".
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NARSTO Aerosol Modeling Workshop
In June 2006, NARSTO conducted a workshop to discuss the representation of aerosol properties and processes in current climate, aerosol, air-quality, and deterministic PM-forecast models. The purpose of the meeting was to provide specific recommendations on the research priorities and data needs for improving the treatment of aerosol processes and properties in these classes of models. The report provided below summarizes the meeting and its recommendations.
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