Multi-Pollutant Accountability

NARSTO has initiated a new study of the technical challenges of implementing accountability under a multi-pollutant air quality management regime. In 2004, the National Research Council (NRC) published a major assessment of air quality management practices: Air Quality Management in the United States. The assessment recommended transitioning from a pollutant-by-pollutant approach to air quality management to one that would take an integrated multi-pollutant approach to controlling emissions of pollutants that posed the most significant risks. The NRC recommended that a multi-pollutant approach should stress results over process by instituting procedures for measuring the effectiveness of air quality management actions in meeting air quality management goals. Such a process is often called “accountability”. In this new activity, NARSTO will be looking at the tools, scientific knowledge, and monitoring networks that would be needed to determine whether or not air quality management actions are having the desired effects in improving human health, ecosystem health, and other air-quality related values.

10/4/06 to 10/5/06
Initial Planning Workshop
A workshop was held at the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, D.C. to discuss the scope and objectives of a new NARSTO assessment of the technical challenges of implementing the concept of accountability under a multi-pollutant air-quality management framework. Materials from the workshop can be found here.
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10/24/06 to 10/25/06
EPRI/NARSTO Workshop on Health Effects of Organic Aerosols
Understanding the relationship between exposure to ambient aerosols and adverse effects on human health is a key link in the accountability chain. The purpose of this workshop was to 1) review the state of knowledge about the health effects of organic aerosols, 2) identify key knowledge gaps, 3) stimulate discussion between the health and atmospheric science research communities regarding organic aerosols and their effects, and 4) establish research priorities to fill these gaps. Materials from the workshop can be found by clicking
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01/9/07 to 01/10/07
Lead Authors Meeting
A meeting of Lead Authors for the NARSTO multi-pollutant accountability assessment was held in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The agenda, a list of participants, and presentations from the meeting can be found here.
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June 28, 2007
2007 AWMA Panel on Air Accountability
A panel discussion on measuring the effectiveness of air quality management actions was held at the June 2007 annual meeting of the AWMA. Presentations by the panel members can be found here.
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July 18, 2007
Workshop on Modeling
A workshop on modeling issues in multi-pollutant air quality management was held in Denver on July 18. Several presentations from the workshop are available below. These presentations include Christian Seigneur on air quality modeling, Doug Burns and Tom Clair on ecosystem models, and Ivar Tombach on multi-pollutant modeling for visibility.
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